Web Design

Web Design Overview

Szaro Consulting is your complete website design and implementation solution. Szaro Consulting brings years of experience and dedication to its clients so that they may use the Internet to its full advantage. Through close work with you and your company, Szaro Consulting can design your website to meet your exact specifications.

Szaro Consulting can also help outsource your website, or build and configure your web server hardware and software to use with your existing Internet link. We tailor your server to your technical and financial needs.

Szaro Consulting holds consultation sessions to gain a clear understanding of the goals and image you intend to project on your website. Szaro Consulting designs a site with the layout and content that you want and need. With our high-caliber graphic artists and layout and design personnel, Szaro Consulting brings the professionalism of printed media to the Internet.

Szaro Consulting site designs are tailored for reduced download times yet still maintain high quality graphics and content. We are also aware of the many vendor-specific browsers and can design your new or existing web site to accommodate as many different browsers as possible to expand your web audience base.

Szaro Consulting can either maintain your site for a minimal fee or train your in-house personnel to make changes to your site. Szaro Consulting consultants are well-versed in active content such as, CGI scripting, java and java script, for creation of a more interactive site. Whatever your needs, Szaro Consulting is designed for you!  Click here for a FREE quote!

Web Design In Detail

The Beginning
The first stage of creating a viable internet presence is developing a mission statement. ( If you are interested in a personal website, the following may not apply to to it. ) You must have an idea of what you want your internet presence to achieve. Only if you have a set of concrete goals can Szaro Consulting, or any design company, help make those goals a reality. From an idea a simple as increased awareness of your company and/or company products to a multi-tiered plan to sell and purchase goods over the internet, only you can decide what you wish to achieve.

It may be that you are sure you want a site, but are unsure of what having a site can do for you. Here are some to consider that may help you begin the process.

1.) What are the primary goals of your website?
A. Service Oriented Site:
Are you trying to provide a service with your website, for example, allowing visitors to order equipment or promotional items [t-shirts, hats, books, videos, etc.]

B. Resource Oriented Site:
Are you trying to provide information about yourself or your company. Is your goal to prompt people to do something, i.e. contact members, join your organization, etc.?

2.) Is there information that must be updated frequently, or in a very time sensitive manner?
Time sensitive information is a large factor in deciding the best way to manage your site. If it is crucial to get updates quickly, you may want to have in-house personnel make minor changes. Also, check with your designer to see how quickly they can make updates and at what rates.

3.) How extensive is the information that must be served in order to meet your goals?
How much pure text on your site will effect site layout, navigation and the price of both maintenance and creation. Try to develop a clear idea of what is needed and what is not.

4.) What is your target audience?
Is it important to make sure that every feature of your website can be used by every browser, over every kind of connection? Or, do you want to consider the trade off in compatibility versus advanced features?

5.) What kind of server do you want to use to serve your web site?
Do you have or want your own physical server machine?
Do you have or want an outsourcing agreement in place?

6.) How much of the information you wish to provide is in electronic format, and how much still needs to be generated, converted, gathered or edited?
If in electronic format, which format?
If it needs to be generated, who is responsible for creating the information?
If it needs to be gathered, who is responsible for collecting the information?
Who is responsible for editing?

7.) Do you intend to gather information from the website?
What is the purpose of the information attained from the site?
How do you want to gather this information?
How do you want to receive the results?

8.) How do you plan to promote your website?
Seeding search engines
Word of mouth
Marketing and advertising (traditional)

9.) Factors that generally affect the expense of creating a site.
The amount of information that must be generated, converted, gathered, and/or edited.
The number of original graphics that must be created.
The size of the website (the volume of information to be presented).
The number of interactive features that the site requires (CGI, Java, etc).
Any special programming (interacting with a database, etc).
Secure transactions for credit card purchases
The volume of traffic the site must be able to support.

Concept Development
Once you have an idea of what you wish to achieve, it is Szaro Consulting’s job to begin to develop that concept into a theme and direction. Through close interaction with you or your representatives, Szaro Consulting tries to gain a clear understanding of your needs and goals. This initial consultation with the client is free. Even if a company decides not to go with Szaro Consulting, we pride ourselves in being able to help them develop a greater understanding of the Internet and their place within it.

As this stage continues, Szaro Consulting gathers the information that you want to showcase. Together we develop a idea of how many pages you need, and how your information should flow and fit together. Information gathered and generated here includes:

New graphics developed along the lines of existing marketing patterns
Logos and existing company graphics
Text content
Marketing direction
Navigational method
Site flowchart

Storyboards and Site Development
For large projects, Szaro Consulting compiles a step-by-step storyboard so that the client is able to view the graphical and layout and design elements that Szaro Consulting has developed. When the client is satisfied that the we have gained an understanding of his goals, and captured the feel that is intended, Szaro Consulting begins construction and registration of the site.

During this stage, while actively constructing the site, Szaro Consulting is still available in case of changes, questions or just plain curiosity.

Final Project Run
At this stage, the client may view the website to add any last finishing touches.

Web Design Packages

Our primary goal is to create or redesign a web site for you, to be an effective marketing and informational tool to your visitors. Please see our pricing options below, or contact us for custom pricing.

Current Pricing

Note: Prices listed should give you an idea on site design cost. However, since all sites are different and/or you may not know what you want/need, we are more than happy to work with you to come up with a custom quote.

All options include a free consultation to determine if Szaro Consulting is the right designer for your project. Also, a one hour minimum is required for all projects.


Option 1: Basic Web Site Design:
Basic static page design using html, asp, javascript, vbscript and css as necessary. No graphics (unless provided by client and deemed adequate for project by Szaro Consulting).
$35 p/hour

Option 2: Basic Web Site Design w/ Graphics:
Same as option 1 with the addition of graphic work as is reasonable for the site design. Graphics can either be provided by the client to then be edited by Szaro Consulting or created/provided by Szaro Consulting.
$45 p/hour

Option 3: Advanced Web Site Design:
Same as option 2 with the addition of dynamic web pages using one or more database backends. Szaro Consulting works with both Access and SQL databases.
$55 p/hour

Option 4: Total Web Site Design:
Includes everything in option 3 with the addition of domain registration of one domain name for one year, and set up of a web server with our third party provider all in one flat fee. Note: Any hours worked on the site by Szaro Consulting over 20 hours to be charged at $45 p/hour.
$1000 Flat Fee  Best Value!

For more information on any of the above pricing, for custom pricing or to retain our services, please feel free to contact us. Szaro Consulting will gladly accept payment for services by credit card ( PayPal ), check or money order. Returned checks will be charged an additional $50 fee.