If you are preparing to make capital investments but feel that the existing information you have may be biased or incomplete, we can provide you with initial consultation about available technology alternatives, their impacts, risks, and special considerations. We are vendor-independent, so our recommendations are focused on what is best for your business, not someone else’s. We work to improve the value of technology enhancements with a careful review of existing business processes.

Network Design and Analysis
We provide design consultation for both local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) environments. This design work includes capacity planning, multi-protocol analysis, hardware specifications, and detailed implementation plans. We have detailed knowledge of the complexity involved in designing and maintaining both large-scale distributed systems and small LANs, and their associated operating constraints, support issues, and scalability.

Network Installation and Cabling
We have extensive experience installing and supporting small office LANs in the NT and Novell environment, particularly configuring servers and client workstations. We regularly consult with customers about network needs, offer cost-sensitive solutions, and effectively implement services and equipment. We plan and coordinate the rollout events, organize the equipment staging procedures and ensure timely delivery of the hardware on schedule and within budget.

Network Upgrades
Our LAN support specialists can upgrade memory, hard drives, network interface cards, modems, CD-ROM or DVD drives, power supplies and system boards in both workstations and servers. If your router, hub or wiring is limiting your ability to effectively use your network, we can provide recommended solution alternatives and replace or reconfigure the equipment or wiring as necessary.

Network Support and Maintenance
Our network engineers are well versed in NT, Novell and UNIX server environments. We regularly monitor network servers and perform routine network administrative tasks, such as adding users, backing up data, and creating file and print shares.