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Jolly Joe began listening to polka music during his childhood days, growing up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Soon after graduating from Bethlehem Catholic High School in 1948, he built his love of music into fantastic enterprises. As a resident of the Bethlehem area, Jolly Joe has created a food specialty line that he serves at his picnic grove at Point Phillips in Bath, PA. Since 1970, polka legends such as Walt Groller and The Kryger Brothers have played, while Jolly Joe served Polish pickles, Hot Cauliflower, Banana Peppers, and other Polish foods. He also owns and operates a local music store called “Joe Timmer’s House of Music” which sells all of the polka records from polka artists across the nation. Just above the ceiling at this music store is a recording company called Rave Records Co., also owned and operated by Jolly Joe.


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