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word-of-mouthOur business has been built on word-of-mouth and an excellence in providing solid IT solutions and services. We pride ourselves on being able to communicate to our clients on all levels.

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by Carl Rohrbach on Szaro Consulting

Peter did a fantastic job in repairing my home computer. He was able to repair what others could not. He has gained my total confidence and expect to utilize his skills on a bi-annual basis.

by Dr John Chadbourne on Szaro Consulting
President CESPLLC

Peter Szaro turned out to be one extraordinary gem. I’ve been working with computer systems for a very long time… OMG going back to card readers and the IBM 370 “centralized computing.” I’m not afraid to take apart “the toasters” and replace parts. But technology moves on quickly and experts are necessary when it’s time to review what you are doing and make changes to get it right for the future.Peter asked the right questions, patiently listened and then asked it I was happy with what I do for backups on multiple computer systems. I told him NO.. it’s a PITA… I can do it this way, but it should be automatic. He laughed and agreed and told me he could make it automatic and secure for us.Peter always listens… he wants to know what will be best for you rather than showing you how much he knows. The truth is he knows so much more in so much more depth that he is head and shoulders above other IT friends and people who do this for a living.Killing time while a transfer was underway I asked him to look at a couple of optical drives I had replaced in a ten year old XP box. Took him seconds to tell me I need to update the codex on the old computer. Since I don’t allow that machine out on the web for fear of viral destruction, I downloaded software using a laptop and updated the codex as suggested. Peter was quite pleased when I told him he was correct and that the optical drives were again working correctly.You won’t find a better computer expert for whatever your needs… he pretty much does it all, quickly, efficiently and with a smile.

by Nichole on Szaro Consulting
Great work!

Peter was able to restore my whole computer’s lost database after it was infected. I had my laptop back in a day, good as new.Thanks Peter!

by Mike Daly on Szaro Consulting

Very fast return of my phone call. Services were done within 24 hours! Pete did a great job. I would recommend his services to anyone.

by Tammy Post on Szaro Consulting

Pete answered my questions in a way that I could easily understand. He also provided services on my computer faster than I could have imagined! So nice to know I can count on him in a pinch!

by Shelly DeVine on Szaro Consulting

Quick return phone call and even faster visit to my home.Computer returned 48 hours later and issues were resolved.
Thanks Peter!

by Kathy Novak on Szaro Consulting
Quick Service

Quick service. Quick turnaround. Extremely helpful and patient in answering questions. Thank you, Peter!

by Henry Bartholomew on Szaro Consulting

I think Peter did a great job. My computer is back on the fast track. Thanks

by Jennifer Cartledge on Szaro Consulting
Extremely Knowledgeable

Peter is very knowledgeable, helpful and provides great insight into all the latest technological tools available for our family. I would highly recommend him for all your computer needs.

by Teresa Hess on Szaro Consulting
Highly Recommended

Peter was extremely helpful and knowledgable with any questions or concerns we had. I would certainly recommend his services to all my friends and family.

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